Welcome to the Province of Bohol

Bohol is home; Home is Bohol

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When I was a little girl, my father used to tell me stories. Interesting stories about tourists he met when he used to work as a “tricycle driver.” Tourists who traveled long miles from the United States of America, Canada, Europe, and nearby Asian Countries. That time, I asked myself, “Why would they come to Bohol?”

Geographically, Bohol is a small place. An islet compares to other famous continents and countries in the rest of the world. Everyone who lives here most likely feels inferior and ends up exploring overseas. Bohol offers few of the most exotic and mystical formation of “nature.” Rare attractions and experiences that you can only endure once in a lifetime. Humans are born to study, explore, and thrive with mother nature. When you take care of it, it will love you back.

My personal goal
One shouldn’t be a stranger to his/her province and country. The “Republic of the Philippines” composed of 7,641 beautiful and mystical islands. The “Province of Bohol” small and beautiful place. The place where I was born and raised.

As long as my mind and my heart can still remember, I will travel a thousand miles to get back to you. The place I initially call it home, “Bohol.” I will always come and say hello to my mother and father, who both have taught me how to love hard and dream big. I’ll see you Bohol whenever I have the opportunity. Save some beautiful sunrise and sunsets for me.

Your biggest fan,

Ang probinsyana “the province girl.”


Top Luxury Hotels Bohol

The essence of luxury means experiencing a state of elegance and comfort outside of your home. When you travel, you expect the best and memorable experience you can ever imagine. You want to see something beautiful, be treated a little bit more special, taste and consume the best food available. Mostly everyone wants to relax and rest, stay away from the toxic world. I’ve listed a few of the hotels that I’ve tried, places I wanted to go back. Pleasant and accommodating places which gave me WOW and OMG moments!

Comfort, Experience, Welcoming Accommodation, Safe and Quite, and Mouth-Watering Food are the things I consider when I pick and book for a good hotel. I’ll always have that end goal to have a good time.


  • Book early preferably direct from the hotel’s website, recommended 2-3 good nights/days. Sometimes one day is not enough.
  • Get acquainted and do research. (use google)
  • Simplify and schedule your vacation according to your needs.
  • Pack right and well don’t overpack. Focus on comfort instead of looking fabulous!

Bohol Shores Resort

Visit: http://boholshores.com

It’s a massive shoreline of swimming pool right outside your terrace. You will stay in a beach themed villa. Everything conveniently situated on one floor such as restaurant, hotel facilities, and a cliff beach just 10 minutes to walk from the lobby. It’s a private place to stay for a small family, couples, and individual travelers. The hotel offers a relaxing and positive vibe for tourist. A good place secluded from noise and traffic.

Private photos

Hennan Resort Alona Panglao

Visit: http://www.henann.com/bohol/henannalonabeach
Vibrant and fun. Hennan Resort Alona Panglao is one of the modern beach resorts along the famous Alona Beach. Outside the hotel premises, one can walk through a series of beach restaurants and bars available for public and private tourists. It is an excellent place to mix along with locals and foreign visitors. Its lively ambiance attracts everyone, especially in the evening. One can also explore the Panglao City square right outside the main hotel building, which offers a variety of international restaurants, bank/money transfers, and other businesses.

South Palms Resort Panglao

visit: https://www.southpalmsresort.com

Ultimate Beach Experience

South Palms Resort Bohol is a beautiful private place to stay that allows you to enjoy space and time. Enjoy yourself with the best opportunity you can have as a human being. Breath, lose yourself, and feel free to mix along with nature and the inviting white beach. Relax like you don’t even bother about the world in the private beach villas. Order a cold “mango shake” and lay down and swing in the hammock under the coconut trees. This place gives you an instant “endorphin rush” feeling of happiness and satisfaction. If not a sin, I call this my favorite beach hotel along Panglao Island, a place that suites my loner personality. I can be creative again, just listening to the beach waves. You get reconnected to nature, regain your strength and focus. You’ll even get a chance to get friendly with the sea urchin.

Private photos