Mother’s Day

My dearest mother Lynnie

We both know, we had it rough since the beginning
I wish our love and relationship can be like in fairy tale
We will both end up with our happy endings

You often said to me, life is challenging.

I didn’t understand that, until I became a mother myself
As a woman, you nurture a child from conception, birth, onwards
Promise to fight for her/him to survive
Give a life and opportunities better than the one you had.

I wondered years questioning why you always push me hard?
Trained me so I can ” dance and sing” myself out of any hardship and trouble

Be a girl of dreams and compassion

Be smart and brave although things seem so confusing.

Coz you know life is hard and I am vulnerable

You stood as my rock and bamboo through our life’s endless struggle

Guide me through it all

You’re solid and flexible, a good example.

You’ve done it all, gave your best
Still ended up apart from your girl

How come we ended apart?

I wish I could tell.

Now we struggle time and distance
Even find it hard to agree on things

Right now, I look back and comprehend

I wouldn’t survive it all, if you weren’t there.

I wouldn’t be the woman I am right now, without you

I’m stuck with you; you’re stuck with me

We are unbreakable, can’t even find the reason to let go

No means to unlove, no reason not to care.

I will always love you
You will always love me

I am your daughter; you’ll always be my mother
For now and eternity.



(your wild and invincible daughter)