YES to reviving mandatory ROTC Training

To all youth of our beloved motherland Philippines

Love your Country next to God, your honour, and most of all yourself. – Andrés Bonifacio y de Castro (30 November 1863 – 10 May 1897

The mandatory Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) was abolished back in 2001. By 2005 when I reached college, ROTC training was no longer compulsory for students. I am proud and no regrets that once, when I was young, I enlisted myself for the Basic Midshipman Officer Candidate Course (BMOCS) program. An essential component of the National Service Training (NSTP).It was the right choice of a lifetime. Indeed, one of the best experience and training I ever had. I couldn’t imagine myself if I did not honor such tremendous and essential opportunity. I wanted to do something challenging. I didn’t like the idea of me becoming the typical and predictable girl like everyone saw in me. Sometimes in life, you have to make uncomfortable choices. Try something new outside of your comfort zone. In the end, you will always be define by your good deeds and rational decisions in life. When your young and haven’t really accomplished anything. Making the right decisions can be so tricky. What is really smart or dumb thing to do? What stuffs that actually wastes your time and effort? Personally, you have to know what is best for yourself. Trust your personal instincts.

Importance of ROTC Training

  • Learning basic survival skills

In your hard and challenging life, it is vital to learn awareness, protection, tactical, and survival skills for both young males and females. Our society is somehow dependent on smart and robust male leaders. Well trained men ready for combat in case of civil war or national threats. Imagine a country without brave and smart men to protect the people.

Females, on the other hand can still fit on this but can find it challenging to engage in such rigid and hard training. Female physic and presence are expected to act gracefully as compensation to the male alpha. This kind of expectation limits female’s ability and opportunity to self-growth. But is doable. Hell yeah! It was fun.

It was then so provocative to think and do outside the box. When I first showed up during our first formation. All eyes were at me. As if I was not fit enough to even try.

  • Take a realistic challenge

I told myself, why only focus and follow the easy path? The way that everybody recommends you to do. It is because they believe that it is safe and comfortable. So why everyone still says, “Take Care.” It is because every endeavor you do in life, you have to keep yourself safe. Basically speaking, “Don’t Die.”

It is helpfull to think critical. Why shouldn’t one be exposed to real-life situations and struggles? Life is naturally not fair. Experience is still the best teacher. So why not follow the rocky road to life’s practical way of learning and experience?

  • Exposure and Experience

If your feeling so insecure that is normal. To feel and act over confident isn’t good either. No exposure means no experience. Doing something you haven’t done before can be always hard. Your young minds must learn to understand and train to survive horrible circumstances such as threats, national disasters, and invasions.

It is easy to be optimistic and be passive to some things that aren’t happening yet. Emergencies are unpredictable. It is never enough only to acquire knowledge and call yourself intelligent with the absence of exposure.


Our brain can respond quickly to threats with the help of “threats stimuli”. When you’re in the formation and drills, you will be told to stay focus and input, and be able to respond to incoming threats quickly. Drills and practices are short of prefabricated war feeling. You’ll be stimulated in a way that your adrenaline levels gets high to prepare your body for action.

This is a good training to be familiar and respond quickly in times of stress and vigorous actions. You body and mind prepares to avoid acute damage. Brain signals you naturally have in yourself must be pre activated. It’s like taking a vaccination to protect yourself for future sickness. So why not activate your critical survival skills now than later. Further, you’ll gain self-empowerment after every practice. Next time or in real situations you’ll know what to do. Much better than being clueless.

  • Be practical, do practical Imagine yourself marching and standing so stiff in a formation during a beautiful Saturday afternoon. When you are young “fun things” are always interesting. Practical chores are seriously dull. It can be so physically and mentally draining to occupy yourself with boring chores.

But what are more essential skills than to be able to conquer risks and terrors?

If you want to live your dreams, you have to keep yourself alive. When you cut yourself, you bleed and feels pain. We even learn “First Aid” to give us confidence and quick response to emergency?

Corruption in ROTC

If society and lawmakers believed that corruption is learned through ROTC training. Remember that corruption or crime is everywhere. It can even learned from your home. Even as a child can be vulnerable and expose to corruption in a form of neglect and abuse. A child corrupted since birth can be really damaging.

So there are many other factors that we need to consider before we can make a conclusion. When you are a teenager you need a proper guidance and skills to gain independence, freedom and possibilities to protect your own self. Not lies and nonsense predictions that life will be easy and always be safe.

To become “corrupt” is a choice. In life you’ll be tested many times to choose between right and wrong. A person or a leader exercise corruption because of his/her wrong perception of power. No one has been born bad or evil. Your environment, upbringing, and twisted mind made you so. To be good and decent is still a personal choice.

Philippines as a changing country.

If we are afraid of change, then probably we have to stop complaining why we still belong to the third world countries.

We cannot make a dead end generalization that military training is inadequate for the country, costly and completely waste of time. How about thinking more futuristic, planning for safety not just for today but to insure ourself security.

It is always your personal decision to exercise honesty, discipline, voluntarism, and nationalism. Military or non military style. But others aren’t that honest.

If you look around why we still need security guards? There is still serious trust issue. In some countries there are not that many securities guards around. Some stores even have self payment counters.

If you are firm to your self and principles, no form of fraud can seduce you.

Your choice, your future

As for the HB 8961 (The proposed Reserve Officers Training Corps Act) should be re-establish as a mandatory basic ROTC program for students enrolled in Grades 11 and 12 (students 16-17 of age).

What is the right age for ROTC training anyway? When you reach 18 years old, you technically and legally think as an adult. You then wonder to yourself, What you want to do with your life? What kind of person do you want to become?

By the time you reach 20-21 years old, you technically finish your degree, struggling to find work and stress about life’s expectations.

By the age of 30, you should be old enough to be independent, secure to your profession, needs and wants in life. To be productive and consistent is hard. It takes approximately 10 hard years to be somebody.

Isn’t it basic and pratical to be finished ROTC training by the time you reach 20 years old?

Bad and impractical choices

It seems like we haven’t really learned anything from generations and generations of being treated harshly poor by locals and foreign invaders. We give in so easily without even executing resistance.

We can wait and live our lives in such a severe shame that our society and country is lacking means of protecting itself. Instead of educating our children and youth how to be smart and brave, we became dangerously overprotective and now limiting the possibilities for us to grow as an independent nation.

Either ROTC becomes mandatory or voluntary, it is crucial for public and private students to be well prepared. One day you might need to protect yourself from harm.

I would say “YES” without a doubt that it is your primary need as a youth to be mentally and physically trained. Be a stable citizen of the Republic of the Philippines.

Personally, I don’t want to grow old or retire in our country that is weak and can be easily threatened.