About Me


[mkdf_highlight background_color=”” color=””]”When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my religion.” – Abraham Lincoln[/mkdf_highlight]

About Me

Hello! I am Ann (Ann-e)

Ang Probinsyana, a province girl who was born in a small town of Tagbilaran City, Bohol “The City of Friendship.” A nobody’s girl who strives to be somebody. An average girl who believes I can be unique and do extraordinary things in life. I am never simple and enjoys being difficult and different. Nobody wants to be “homogeneous” anyway.

I love to see the complexity about things and every single situation. I am an expert on maximizing things but with personal guidance. Now, I consider myself “Eurasian” not your typical Asian girl but not the extreme liberal type either. Believe me, I am very refine and conservative in my own special way.

Live your life! Be a good person, smart, creative and have positive wants in life.

The only person who can define YOU, is yourself.

Inspiration and purpose

I started a blog because I was BOREDB– being in an O-over, R-restless and E-extremely, D– Dynamic state of mind. I have so many ideas and wants and needs, I have to put them together. Simplify things!

What will I do with my life now, that I am happy and secure? After a long time, I finally got some free time. I am not a native English speaker but speaks four different languages Boholano/Cebuano, Tagalog, English and Norwegian *Norsk. Sounds confusing!

I have majors in music and technical art/drafting. Also, holds a professional diploma and license in adult education from my country. Abroad, I am proud to be educated and have work experience in health care. One of my best life experience is to come and live in Europe. It’s exciting, challenging, and most important, it is hard to be someone here, but it is doable.

I cannot disagree more that by mind and heart “health care” is one of the most essential jobs in our society. We humans are vulnerable. We are still ancient when it comes to achieving a complete understanding of our own existence, community, the world, and the rest of the universe. One cannot explore the world without enjoying a normal state of health or well-being.

I do enjoy doing a meaningful job. It gives me purpose. Sometimes, it isn’t essential anymore how much you earn. To be helpful and genuinely kind is free. But to be able to do it, you have to be reliable, brave, smart, and flexible kind of person. Dealing with people who are suffering isn’t easy, after all. Who doesn’t want help when you really need it?

To make myself more excited about life, I am taking more education as a “mental health professional. You’ll stop learning when you are dead. ” My brain is I consider my most valuable belonging. I think IQ (intelligence quotient) is one of the most controversial tests and assessment. I don’t really know my IQ, but from experience, my EQ (emotional quotient) is overflowing.

Life is hard, to think and feel stupid can be harder. We need balance in life. People who are greed and negative are considered the most unhappy kind of people in the world.

It’s a lot of work, but I want to be a well-rounded person. Flexible enough to live in my own terms and goals. One lifetime isn’t enough for me. I’ll be willing to try anything as long as it is not deadly and illegal.


I want to inspire young girls and boys to explore and know themselves better, rather than focusing on nonsense self and social competition. Never lose your passion.

Nothing is enjoyable anymore when you live your life with negativities. You don’t want to lose yourself, it is healthy to be positive. Never let anyone decide for your future. Have real goals in life, it will help you focus.

Happiness is a gift for yourself. Sometimes we even forget to eat and sleep healthy. Stop, look and listen. It is basic.


I dedicate all the good things I achieved in life to my parents and my siblings that I always care.

My entire family local and overseas and close friends.

Society and the world that gives me knowledge and challenges in life.


Thank you. Mabuhay!



Ann (Ann-e)